JLCA Membership

Membership of the LCA Society of Japan (JLCA) was established for the benefit of the LCA community.

Membership benefits


  • Access to LCA database.(Currently, JLCA database is available only in Japanese.)
  • Receive JLCA email newsletter (in Japanese).
  • Participate in seminars and symposiums held by JLCA at a reduced rate or for free.
  • Have opportunities to share your case studies with other members.

Membership application

To apply, review the membership categories and fees below and determine which is right for you.

Membership categories, fees, and the number of license IDs issued

Membership category Annual fee (JPY) The number of
license IDs issued
(a) Organizations, Research institutes, etc. 80,000 6
(b) Academic organizations that supports the purpose and activities of the forum (e.g. the Japan LCA Society) 100,000 1
(c) Companies_A (companies with 1,000 or more than 1,000 employees) 80,000 6
(d) Companies_B (companies with 300-999 employees) 50,000 4
(e) Companies_C (companies with less than 300 employees) 30,000 2
(f) University laboratories and non-profit organizations that are equivalent to university laboratories 30,000 6
(g) Individuals who do not belong to any organizations above and who use LCA-DB as their LCA activity 13,000 1

To become a member of the JLCA, go to membership application form (Japanese only) or mail to