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LCA Society of Japan

LCA Society of Japan (JLCA) (In Japanese Only)

The Life Cycle Assessment Society of Japan (JLCA) was established in October 1995 as a network to distribute information on LCA to interested parties in industry, academia and government. The JLCA has promoted discussions on the future progress of LCA in Japan, and released a JLCA report and LCA Position Statement in June 1997 proposing the construction of an LCA background database as well as the development of impact assessment methods that are most suitable for the circumstances in Japan. Subsequently, in 1998 the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry began a 5 year LCA Project, which was completed at the end of March 2002 with the construction of an LCA database. In consideration of the circumstances of the project and the provision of data for inclusion in the database from more than 50 industry organizations, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry decided that it would be desirable for this database to be managed and operated by the JLCA , since the group brings together industry, academia and government.


LCA Project (FY2003-FY2005)

LCA Project (FY1998-FY2002)

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