Terms and conditions

  • Lending, transfer and sale of ID and password are strictly prohibited.
  • Transferring any or all of the data in the JLCA database to a third party is prohibited.
  • Commercial activities with the duplication of part or all of the data in the JLCA database, and/or commercial activities using the duplicates are prohibited.
  • Comparison and assertion using other companies' products based on the LCA results based only on the data in the JLCA database are prohibited.
  • Reproduction of data that is not accompanied by LCA is prohibited.

When citing the LCA database, please specify this database name, “JLCA-LCA database” and edition.

Example : JLCA-LCA database 2004Fy 2nd Edition

To use JLCA database, all members must consent to the terms and conditions above.